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Results of tests will be forwarded directly to your GP. Our doctors check their results every morning and file them in the patient record.
If there are any results that require follow-up the doctor will ask reception to contact the patient to organise an appointment. Our reception staff cannot discuss the result.
We do not routinely contact patients to advise them of normal results, nor do we routinely discuss abnormal results over the phone.

Reminder System

Malanda Medical Care maintains an efficient reminder system. We routinely generate reminders for preventative health and chronic disease care. Services for which we offer reminders include: cervical screening, Implanon® removal, IUD removal, colonoscopy or gastroscopy follow up, regular injections including Prolia , Aclasta , Zolodex, Eligard , Vitamin B12 and routine childhood immunisations.
If you have a health need that you wish to be entered on our reminder system, please discuss with your doctor or nurse.
If you do not wish to be entered on our reminder system, please discuss with our staff.

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